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Attention EVERYONE registering for an account with Oswego NY Sells with plans to Buy and / or Sell PLEASE NOTE:   Seller's: winning bidder's of your item/s will receive an email letting them know they won and are provided with your Name and Email Address.  Buyer's: seller's of which you have won their items will receive an email letting them know their item sold and will be provided with your Name, Phone Number, and Email Address.  If Paypal is utilized as the payment method, Paypal provides individual user data information as per their Paypal account (name, contact information, etc.). Consult Paypal for further information on information provided to buyer's and seller's when Paypal is used as payment made and received.


How to Register for an account

1.  On the home page (www.oswegonysells.com) click on either "Free Register" in the top right corner or "Create YOUR Account".  See image below.


2.  You will then be brought to the page below. For Username, this is the name people will see when you bid or create listings. Do not use your real name here unless you want people to know your real name.  Create a suitable, non-offensive username.  Users with usernames deemed offensive will be edited or removed.  For Timezone, choose America/New York.   For Paypal email, you are not required to fill this in to create an account.  You must have a Paypal account if you plan on selling on Oswego Sells or if you buy from a seller that requires payment through Paypal.   You are not required to provide a cell phone number.  You must agree to the Terms and Conditions by clicking in the box.  Read the Terms and Conditions so you fully understand how to buy and sell on Oswego NY Sells. Once all of the information is filled in click "Create".  You will receive an email at the email address you provided to validate your account. 

3.  Click on the validation link in your email and you will be brought to Oswego NY Sells where you are logged in and ready to start Buying & Selling! Click on "My Account" to view your user dashboard. Or click "Create a listing" to start listing items for sale (again, remember you must supply a Paypal email address in order to list items for sale).


Questions? Send us a message through our contact form: http://www.oswegonysells.com/contact

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